Introducing Parker

Parker is an AI software for desktop and mobile.

Seamlessly port over data from a multitude of third party sources including independent genetic tests, electronic health records, biomarker data and fitness wearables to a central dashboard.
Naturally speak to Parker to enable him to develop an understanding of your lifestyle factors and answer any questions you have.

Transfer your health data

Transfer your health data from third party sources such as fitness wearables and electronic healh records quickly and easily to the Parker system.


Speak to Parker

Parker's interface is an advanced conversational AI that makes asking questions and adding lifestyle data to your profile as natural as talking to a friend.


The best health expert

Parker's AI scans the wealth of clinical research available daily to develop unparalleled knowledge. This is then matched with your personal health data to prevent disease and aging.


On Desktop and Mobile

Keep Parker with you at all times. Access your health profile from anywhere with your computer and your mobile.

Healthcare needs a change

Imagine instead of getting sick, you could predict and prevent disease in the first place.
Instead of searching Google for generic health advice you're given tailor made advice, individual to you. Instead of waiting to see a singular expert, the expert is on tap in your home.

Health today is limited because we can't see ahead. We don't know enough about our own bodies.

With new technology we can predict and prevent diseases before they ever arise.


Too Little Too Late

We wait until someone has symptoms and the disease has started before treating. Often times illness could have been prevented in its entirety.


An Incomplete Picture

With busy health services, patients are seen as their condition, not as a whole. The day-to-day human is lost from the health picture.


Bad Advice

Overwhelming, generic information online can cause confusion and doesn't take into account your personal genetics, biomarkers and history.


The Power to Avert

We use technology to combine personal information with the world's medical knowledge to accurately predict and prevent disease way in advance.


The Whole You

Technology allows us to have a complete understanding of a person, not as a patient or as a condition, but as a unique human being.


Empowering self-knowledge

By knowing your unique genetic and health profile, technology enables precise and individualised action and information with vastly superior results.

What Parker Brings to the Table


Natural language

Parker is a voice AI that uses natural, empathetic conversation to communicate.


Personalised to you

Parker draws on your individual genetics, biomarkers and physiological data to make accurate predictions.


Empowers you with knowledge

Parker advises you, answers your questions and runs simulations to help you prevent illness.


Expert insights

Parker uses machine learning algorithms to bring you cutting edge insights from the medical literature relevant to you



Parker collates daily lifestyle information to provide ever-improving insights about your health.


Easy to understand

Parker runs digital biology simulations of your information against clinical research and comprehensively explains how to prevent predicted illnesses and aging.

We're using machine learning to analyse thousands of clinical data points

We believe that artificial intelligence can radically change the current health care paradigm for the better. With Parker, everyone can have access to more health knowledge personal to them than ever before.

Volume of information

Circa 10,000 new articles are published to PubMed everyday. It's impossible for humans to ingest so much information and put it into action. We use the power of machine learning to solve this problem.

Novel connections

Using our artificial intelligence algorithms, we can find connections between different pathways in the human body that would previously have been undiscovered. Parker matches this to your personal data to give you predictive insights.

Your health

Disease and aging are a consequence of genetic and lifestyle factors. Parker ports data from personalised genetic testing as well as tracking real-time physiological markers to get an unprecedented picture of your health.


How Parker Works:

Parker draws on user data (genetics, biomarkers and physiological real-time tracking) in combination with deep learning of the clinical literature and digital biology simulations to gather unique and advanced insights. Parker then shares this information with the user in an easily understandable way with a conversational dynamic using natural language processing and voice synthesis AI.

Parker operates as a predictive health consumer product, empowering the user to prevent disease early on, utilising information unique to them. Parker's algorithms and mode of operation ensure that he improves in accuracy and user experience over time.

Our mission is that every human has access to a deep understanding of their own personal health and on-tap expert knowledge to predict and prevent diease and aging in their own homes.

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